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including the big foam trucks from travis air force base responded and finally won the battle. back live a huge remnant of the cloud city hoovers for miles above the scene, slowly dissipating with the air current. here down below on the ground, an awful toxic mess that will have to be cleaned up and cleaned up soon. reporting live, tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> now again that fire started about 3.5 hours ago. i want to show you more live pictures now from news chopper 2 which is overhead. you can see there is not nearly as much smoke as it was earlier. although there is still pretty decent amount of smoke but at its height there was so much thick black smoke that you can literally see it for miles. we continue our coverage with sal castaneda. >> reporter: we're standing in this neighborhood here which is a mile west of where the fire is. you can see these houses, a little bit earlier people were outside looking at it and along the street people have been showing up to stand here and watch. since early this afternoon, people have been drawn to the fire but have been kept away by pol
a bear. >> i like the view, and time that mountains but i am not a big fan of the woods. >> i talked to victor martin when he was on a lay over tonight and he says he is glad to be coming home. ktvu channel 2 news. >>> san francisco police released the names of two suspects in connection with a shooting on friday where a bullet struck a young girl. shadon caprice mitchell and lazarus thomas were arrested. the bullet struck a girl and the shooting was gang related and may have stemmed from a argument. the girl is in critical condition. >>> we learned today what authority found in the home of one of the us spects accused of beating san francisco giants' fan bryan stow. one suspect may have also been involved in other attacks that night. >> reporter: we have obtain these documents that show one of the defends a-- defendants attacked two other suspects and bragging may have put them on lapd's radar. these stetches take us inside the los angeles courtroom where the arraignments of louie sanchez and marvin norwood were delayed. disappointing news to bryan stow's girlfriend. >> frustrated.
they have. but this afternoon they received a big gift from a group of young men that lost everything they had. >> all seems like a bad dream. >> reporter: chris nistrum comes once a week to visit the kappa sigma home he used to call home. he and his brothers say it's depressing to see the damage. >> it's really depressing. >> reporter: the bedrooms were destroyed. their clothes and all the belongings burned away. the house is a total loss and unlivable. the community responded and the donations poured in. >> it made me smile to the point where i almost cried because i just, you just forget how many good people are out there. >> reporter: now the fraternity is giving back. they don't need all the donations they received so today they donated their cars with clothing donations and toiletries. >> just giving them a bag of food brought tears to their eyes, and i want to see that again just to know that we're helping out. >> reporter: sacred heart serving 300 to 350 homeless families a day and their biggest need is mens clothing and shoes. >> they experience tragedy and their response is
and tracking our temperatures today. >> big improvements over yesterday. temperatures 5-15 degrees cooler than what we experienced on sunday. live look of the bay. haze out there thanks to a sea breeze. humidity is up, that's also good news when we are talking about fire danger. some of the highs so far. 90 degrees in santa rosa. 94 concord. 96 livermore and 99 in antioch. the final round up will come in the next half hour. still quite hot out there. we are going to get hotter come to see. we will look that highs tomorrow and talking about the sea breeze, we got fog and low clouds long the coast line, whether or not that will impact fireworks tonight. >>> the coast guard is planning extra patrols today. they had a helicopter over san francisco bay this afternoon. in addition for looking for anyone in trouble they were looking for people who operate boats under the influence of alcohol or drugs. >>> on the roads the chp is reporting an increase in dui arrests and highway deaths in california. between friday night and this morning 1,358 people have been arrested statewide, compare that to 1,329
. >>> for the second time in less than a week a man died while vacationing in hawaii. paul tam-mai died on the big island. he was rockclimbing when a wave knocked him into the ocean. araphicue crew found his body. on saturday david pots died when a wave washed him up on maui. he fell 20 feet into a hole. he ignored signs warning people to stay back. >>> in san francisco today funeral services held for the one passenger who was confirmed dead. ktvu's patty lee tells us what a survivor told the victim's family. >> reporter: leslie yee's life was remembered here in the city where he grew up and developed his passion for fishing. >> family and friends honored leslie yee whose body washed up on an island. the family encouraged thime join his friends on the fishing trip. >> he was a work ahaulic and we said this is a trip of a life time. >> reporter: there are no regrets. he died. >> doing what he loved. and at least they have closure. there are acceptable men still missing and yesterday the coast guard called off the search. >> like having a loved one on life support and pulling the plug. >> reporter:
bay valleys. just by virtue of that big fog footprint it's going to burn back. but because it's there the temperatures cool. temperatures won't warm up to the 90s they're going to warm up tomorrow into the 80s. monday will be a little cooler than that. out toward the bay mid-60s. berkeley hill 60. out into contra costa county where it can get hot this time of year, tomorrow it's going to be warm. i would call that very warm. i wouldn't quite call it hot yet. as you go into the next couple of days you're going to see temperatures warm up especially for sunday. i'll come back, i'll have the specific forecast for your city back here in a few minutes. >>> a new hire at the oakland police department is causing some controversy. why the rank of hire say the hire is a break with tradition. >>> arnold schwarzenegger released a statement late this afternoon about the accident that sent his 13-year-old son to the hospital with serious injuries. >>> you might remember this scene. tonight we're learning what was going on in the harrowing moments before the crash. >>> we'll have your late
on humans are very rare. if you see one, make yourself arson big as possible, make noise, don't run and turn your back. reporting live, ktvu. >>> and parrots learn to talk to others from their mom and dad, the conclusion in the research situation at corenell university. they study the calls, scientists long thought they told others who they were, their gender and who their mate is. by switching eggs around nest to nest, researchers also determined that they learned the calls from the birds that raised them. >>> all right, our julia hayner has more. >>> and alex trebeck makes an appearance on crutches. new at 6:00. he helps to catch a burglar in his san francisco hotel room. the woman now is under arrest. the questions they're still trying to answer about the intruder. >>> plus, nearly 400 auto workers packed into a job fair geared just for them. the reason they police may may be desirable hires. >>> and more on the gray whale. >>> and coming up with a new idea to try to stay in business. the roxy theater is trying to apply for a license. they are using the nonprofit status to experiment wi
pipeline and have big concerns. >>> another hot day but some changes. i will show you where the fog will be tomorrow morning and the change you can expect from temperatures. >>> 11 families returned home after a gas leak forced them to evacuate today. pg&e crews managed to weld the pipe shut and stop the flow of gas. the problem started this morning. the contract crew was working on lancaster when it accidentally hit a gas line. >> i smelt a great deal of gas in the neighborhood. found a construction crew doing work for pg&e. >> 7 families remain without gas. pg&e expects to finish repairs in about an hour. >>> some neighbors are on edge about a major pg&e gas pipeline that runs behind their homes. they want to know if it is safe but so far they can't get the answer. ktvu's ken pritchett is on the scene to show us why they are concerned. >> reporter: underneath this sidewalk are two pg&e gas pipelines. behind that fence that is where the neighborhood is located. the neighbors say it should meet the strictest standards. pg&e say they do, the neighbors want proof. >> reporter: it's wh
of hacking. in fact, websites and servers just like these are constantly under the big hack attack. the british tabloid news of the world has just been accused of hacking into a murdered teenage girls voice mail. that led her family to wonder if she was still alive and hampered police. >> if that is true this is a truly dreadful act. >> we are all completely appalled and totally shocked by it. we're determined to get to the bottom of this. >> reporter: someone hacked into fox news twitter account and falsely twitted to thousands that president obama had been assassinated. >> there were countless others who just retwitted the message because the twitter feed asked them to retwitt. >> reporter: a recent play station act was devastated. >> 77 million users with all their information got who knows how many credit cards. >> reporter: coyas was contacted by chase bank where she has no account. >> why should i even have an account with chase. if this bank doesn't know who it is that they need to notify. >> reporter: elenore mills covers hacking measures for sena. >> companies need to secu
. >> right. we can embrace the big fog bank. still a big factor off shore right now on the map, still a bit of a swirl in the clouds, we have an eddy and that wind, that southerly wind cleared off the north bay with that weakening the north bay will warm up but you can see clouds hugging parts of around bodega bay. move the maps to the south. there is that fog bank and daily city, oakland right now still has mostly clear skies, a live lock outside. looking toward oakland you can seat sun and temperatures this weekend not a big change. most area was in a few degrees of yesterday's high. the low clouds will be on the increase into the evening hours and that's all a part of the forecast for tonight. tomorrow clearing skies, near the coast and the extended forecast a bit 6 a bump in the numbers, especially by thursday and also into friday. this was the pattern for today and it'll stay around for tomorrow. there is a weather system up to the north with that, increase the marine layer, some neighborhoods will cool off for tomorrow. not much change into tuesday but then by wednesday, thursday and
. >> in each other's face with in an inch of each other. >> after he started screaming and pushing big man came up, took him in a head lock, they got him down. > he was removed and questioned by the fbi. bomb sniffing dogs then swept the plane as a precaution. >> funeral services will be held form for the man who fell over a railing during an oakland a's baseball game thursday. shannon stone fell about 20 feet behind the out field wall. he was reaching for a ball thrown up by josh hamilton. the rangers say they plan to meet to discuss safety at the stadium. this he have stadium. >> now to the race for the white house and john hunts man talked about his plans to grow the economy during a campaign stop in florida. >> we will grow your way through tax reform and regulation reform and steps toward energy independence. >> the former utah governor addressed a packed republican headquarters in branton. he went onto visit three other cities in the sunshine statement the important swing state could see a lot of him. he has set up his national campaign headquarters in orlando. >>> tim polanti
saturday and it is not expected to pass. coming up here at 5:30, why a government default could mean a big financial headache for california. >>> meantime word of a new plan to deal with debt crisis lifted stocks here in the united states. european leaders say they are drawing up a new plan to deal with greece's debt. in all the dow improved 152 points and the nasdaq 20. >>> we continue to monitor a breaking news situation. police and protesters in the street near union square. >> i'm back here in less than 10 minutes. we're going to talk about today being the warmest day of the week. and i'll show you the coolest cities for friday. e, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along. get u-
visitors and these sea lions are a big part of that. so when some of them are missing or injured it causes a big commotion. >> they're loud, a little bit lazy and well loved by tourists. >> you know you have to come to pier 29 and see the sea lions. >> they are very active and very cute. >> these animals are in really good body weight and condition so they can illude the rescuers. >> reporter: pictures taken at pier 29 caught what appeared to be fishing line around a sea lion. >> wrapped around their neck and you know it doesn't bio degrate. >> reporter: the fear is the monofilament will strangle the sea lion. >> it's what's going out in the ocean, these item k-s kill the animals. >> reporter: the marine mammal center has tried three times to rescue this duo. >> floating pier rescues are the most dangerous for the rescuers and really for the animals too. >> reporter: the plan now is to wait for them to wait assure for a land rescue. >> we don't want to chase these animals because by doing so that might actually cause the entanglements to dig in even further. >> reporter: the marine mammal
. the driver of this big rig lost control of its truck which was carrying a modular building. by 10:0 it was still there blocking the two right eastbound lanes just west of the bridge. and the traffic back upstretched for miles. just before 11:00, crews were finally able to move the truck and the building on to the fifth street onramp out of the way of freeway traffic. >>> she'll be a free woman six days from now. we told you on tuesday that casey anthony was found not guilty of murdering her 2-year- old daughter caylee. but her sentence and her impending release aren't the only things people are talking about coming out of this morning's hearing. >> the defendant casey anthony is before the court. >> reporter: at today's hearing casey anthony learned her punishment for lying to investigators. anthony's appearance was different than the days she had been in court. viewers noticed she put on make up and wore her hair down. >> her release date has been calculated as july 13, 2011. >> reporter: today's hearing caps an emotional trial that reached a peak on tuesday with anthony being ac
francisco's big 4th of july celebration. tens of thousands are expected to gather on the embarcadero to watch the fireworks. today at municipal pier at the foothill of van ness avenue, crews weries logged the shells for the pyrospectacular. organizers say about 2,000 fireworks will be shot into the sky during the 20-minute show. >> we have always got new products every year. so wait and see. there is a lot of nice stuff and clear skies. so it will be fun and exciting. >> clear skies is what we're hoping for. if you are planning to head to the city to see the fireworks, police suggest you take public transition. if you take bart, the closest station is the embarcadero bart station. we have an interactive man and you can find them on "the weekend extra tab," on >>> a hazmat crew was sent to a hotel after i housekeeper's unusual discovery. the maid found what was first believed to be a mental lab n- at la quinta inn in berkeley. police say there were various powders in mixtures and containers. nearby rooms and corridors were evacuated as a precaution. the chemicals though tu
injuries. the big rig's driver was not hurt. authorities are trying to figure out if it was the shuttle driver who ran a red light causing that accident. >>> at this hour another round of white house meetings is under way to try to resolve the debt ceiling dispute. there's new word in just the past hour of a possible bipartisan compromise in the works. that comes after a testy exchange between the president and a republican the last night. >> we have been in this fight together. any suggestion that the role that eric has played in these meetings has been anything less than helpful is wrong. >> reporter: house speaker john boehner rushed to defend eric canter. canter pushed the president so much that the president called out, eric don't call my bluff. >> this is for laws that are due for preexisting obligations such as social security, like the troops we have on the field. like our border security agents, our fbi agents. >> tonight there are reports that the democratic and republican leaders are working on a compromise. it would give the president more authority to raise the debt ceiling
there may be more arrests and charges. >>> a new report finds there's been a big spike in the number of police officers killed in the line of duty and that california is the fourth deadliest state for such deaths. the national law enforcement officers fund said 98 officers have died from january 1st, that's a 14% jump. in california, five officers have died this year. the police say the recession forced them to cut budgets. >> we're putting officers at greater risks because we're not giving them the resources they need to do their jobs effectively and safely. >> one of the five californiaance who died in the line of duty was thomas evans of sacramento. he was killed in february in a traffic accident. >>> a bicyclist was hit this morning. the accident happened just after 8 a.m. at mission and fremont streets. that's an area that is posted with signs limiting turns to taxis and busses. police also say the 26-year-old cyclist was not wearing a helmet. >> everybody has to share the roadway, everybody should be cautious, you should always wear safety equipment. it's commute hours, take yo
, where thousands gathered to watch the women's world cup soccer final on the big-screen. >> reporter: ken, here in civic center plaza, people were waving the stars and stripes all day, cheering on the usa in the world cup finals and early in the game it looked like the us was pulling off the win. twice in the second half san francisco crowd erupted when the us scored go-ahead goals. >> it could not have been more exciting. to the very end it was a nail- biter. >> reporter: this was a huge audience, perhaps 5,000 strong. a fan-favorite was the american goalkeeper hope solo. for the start of the game we joined petaluma's david solo, hope's half-brother. >> i'm really overcome with emotion and i can't believe she is in the final for the world cup. >> reporter: solo shared time with young soccer players and shared with us a text he received from home this morning. >> i just assumed she wouldn't get back to me today. he was no way thinking that she has bigger fish to fry today. >> reporter: in the end they couldn't stop the underdog japanese work won it in a shootout. the cinderella story f
of our nation's finest public servant. >> it is a big surprise but we should have known a couple of months ago you're getting pretty good at this covert op stuff. >> reporter: tomorrow former cia director will be sworn in. >>> in just hours, many of drivers will need more time or more cash to get around everyone though their trip hasn't changed. sal castaneda live in oakland to show us what's going to happen. >> reporter: here at the bay bridge toll plaza tomorrow, the tolls will go up for many bay area drivers. and for some hybrid drivers some key privileges will go away and that has some complaining. state issued gold stickers on hybrid vehicles become worthless tomorrow as those drivers will no longer be available to use the car pool lane while driving alone. the perk had been used to encourage drivers to purchase hybrids. >> the reason why i purchased the hybrid in the first place is to get that car pool status. >> reporter: his commute from oakland to san francisco will become more time consumer and expensive because of the -- time consuming and expensive because of the cha
they are looking for ways to operate. >> smoke is the big issue. tourists don't like it. there's too much smoke and they open till like 2:00 or 3:00. >> reporter: the owner of the postsays it complained about the lounge next door. >> they might close them down, and good for us if they close it down. >> reporter: tobacco shops operating in commercial buildings before december 31st 2009 can apply for a license that allows smoking in an enclosed space. >>> we just learned late this afternoon the name of the woman who's burned body was found in a quiet oakland neighborhood yesterday. oakland police now tell us she was 21-year-old monica roda from yuba city. her burning body was found early in the morning in the rock ridge neighborhood of oakland. they believe roda may have been killed elsewhere and set on fire in that neighborhood. police are not releasing any other information about the victim or any possible suspect. >>> in oakland the city is installing more than 100 new surveillance cameras in an area where a business owner was killed just a couple of months ago. rob roth is live now, he tells
means 11,000 people will soon be out of a job. >>> stocks staged a big rally today on wall street giving the dow it's largest one day jump so far this year. the gains came amongst optimist that a bipartisan deal will be reached to raise the country's debt limit. several companies such as coca cola and ibm reported increases. the dow up 232 points, the nasdaq up a little more than 61 points. >>> search and rescue crews are scouring the area at yosemite. the park says it got multiple calls that one or more hikers were swept over myrtle fall. we did the report of the immense powers of the fall this year due to record snowfall. rangers have closed mist trial as they investigate. >>> subterranean snags slow the schedules on the slide. i'm consumer editor tom vacar, the devil in devil slide still ahead. >>> also it's called the respect for marriage act. why senator dianne feinstein is proposing it and the controversial law that it would repeal. >>> new york city's major today said more than 760 couples will be selected to get marry on sunday the first day that same- sex marriage will be legal
, tom vacar breaks down the debt ceiling. the big budget items at risk and how that could impact you. >>> pansion plans could see major changes. the senate passed a bill that would bar employees from adding raises and bonuses into their pensions. the bill also prohibits double bip ins where they take another job to receive a pension and a pay check. the bill goes back to the assembly. >>> the coast guard searched 1700 square miles to find 7 missing fisherman. the boat capsized july 3. many of the 44 people were from the bay area. one body was found on an island. the coast guard plans plans plans to fly again tomorrow. his government is still searching for the men. >> prayers are with you. keep praying. >>> school is rallies around families of fisherman. students held a bake sale to raise money for the families. students wanted to help. he is always the first to help others. >> i just hope that she gets better. she is a good teacher. i will miss her a lot. >> there is another bake sale tomorrow. she posted today on facebook that they are not giving up. >>> back now to the civic center
gradual warming. you can see the fog of course it's a big city out there and you can see out by twin peaks, twin peaks notching out the fog there. it's a topographic feature and it knocks the fog. that's why the noe valley, it's a nice little bay area microclimate. the temperature over the area will go five, six, 10 degrees warmer than what you would find in san francisco. mount diablo in the distance. upper 80s out toward livermore. there's the cool bite along the coast. and yes that's what summertime looks like in the area. that's about what you would expect, right along the coast 50s. inland, 90s. that is a little warmer but low mid-90s out toward sacramento and stockton. the heat is back and temperatures are definitely been coming up. they warmed up as we mentioned over yesterday by a few degrees. they will warm up again tomorrow a few degrees more. fog is back, it burns back by you know early morning like it did today. the sun comes out as you would expect in daytime highs for your friday. for your get away friday they'll be warmer than we were today. we walk through the bay area micr
to the next big thing. let's shoot to send somebody to mars. >> till the u.s. does design and build a new vehicle the u.s. will pay russia to carry astronauts. nasa is in talks about using commercial rock toots play to the international space station. >>> coming up in 90 seconds. students are paying more money while administrators are making more money. >>> and first there was this youtube video, the moments after police shot and killed a parolee from seattle, now police have their own tape of what happened. her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. hey parents, it's going to be a see, i'm not just teachin
to deny. >> it's visceral and it's a vital part of the 20th century. not sure yet whether it's a big part of the 21st century. >> reporter: the next americans to go to space are to ride as paying guests on russian rockets. after 12 days in orbit. it's the shuttles final glide. john fowler. >>> and ohio state forfeits all of its games from last season. including the sugar bowl. ncaa could still impose tougher penalties. >>> an appeals court today upheld the right of a national football league to lock out its players. the judge hands the owners a victory. both sides in the labor dispute said today they are committed to reaching an agreement that would allow a full 2011 season. today talks focused on the rookie wage scale and free agency rules. bloomburg reports that the owners and players are close to deal on how to divide $9.3 billion in revenue. >>> the alleged rockefeller imposer pled guilty to charges today. the man is known for creating numerous false identitied over the last few decades. including that of clark rockeffeller. he is due back in court tomorrow. >>> 59-year-old kim fehei
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